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| Michelle Jokisch Polo | WKAR Public Media |

This upcoming election, East Lansing, Royal Oak, and Kalamazoo will be considering ballot proposals in favor of ranked choice voting.

“When you do a multi-winner, rank-choice election, you get much closer to proportional representation in your community,” said Ron Zimmerman, executive director for Rank MI Vote, a group campaigning for the electoral reform.

Building substantial momentum

As Election Day approaches, it will be up to East Lansing, Royal Oak and Kalamazoo to decide whether they want to join the efforts of Ann Arbor and Ferndale in adding local pressure to encourage the state to make ranked-choice voting an option in Michigan.

Rank MI Vote is actively working to expand their outreach and encourage additional cities to include similar proposals on their ballots for the 2024 elections. Zimmerman explained that their strategy involves building substantial momentum and garnering support from the broader Michigan community to pave the way for statewide ballot initiatives in support of ranked choice voting.

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