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More Choices, More Voices

Tired of the GRIDLOCK DIVISIVENESS NEGATIVITY tearing our nation apart?

Ranked Choice Voting is a simple, fair and easy way to enable more Michigan leaders to run for office, providing more choices by enabling more voices.

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Ranked Choice Voting

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Our current voting system is broken.

When elected officials are no longer responsive to the voters, the system is CORRUPTED.

Extreme Gridlock

Choosing from only two options produces extreme policies and candidates, no compromise, and no solutions to critical problems. Governance gives way to playing politics and a constant effort to “stick it” to the other side.

Poor Representation

Our current system favors candidates who don’t represent our community’s positions. It disenfranchises communities of color and benefits the powerful and wealthy while protecting the interests of self-interested parties.

America Divided

The existing voting system incentivizes mudslinging, outrageous lies, and fear-mongering which are used to influence half of the country to hate the other half. Meanwhile, year after year, issues we can agree on go ignored.

Americans are experiencing record levels of frustration. Most eligible voters don’t go to the polls. We are more divided than ever. The good news: there is a simple change we can make that would help to bring Americans together again.


Ranked Choice Voting gives a strong voice to all voters in our elections, and ensures candidates with the broadest support get to govern.

More Expression

As a voter, Ranked Choice Voting allows you to truly vote for the candidates that most align to your values – without “wasting” your vote. That brings more candidates and voters back over time.

Getting Things Done

Since candidates can’t win elections by just knocking down their singular opponent, they must run for and stay in office by getting things done for their constituents.

More Positivity

Candidates need to earn the 2nd and 3rd choice votes of their opponent’s supporters by appealing to what they have in common. With Ranked Choice Voting, politicians are rewarded for campaigning on issues and showing compromise, not for tearing down opponents. 

Join the movement to bring Ranked Choice Voting to Michigan.


Keep up to date with the latest RCV news in Michigan, including our efforts to place RCV on ballots through campaigns we’re organizing.


Do you share our passion for RCV? Do you have a couple hours here and there to help? We have a variety of opportunities for contribution.


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We’re always extremely grateful for any monetary donations. It helps us create awareness materials, maintain our website, and host events.


Ranked Choice Voting is the one simple change we need to get America back on track.

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