More Choices, More Voices
More People, More Power

Ranked Choice Voting is a simple, fair and easy way to enable anyone to run for office, providing more choices by enabling more voices.

Ranked Choice Voting ensures that candidates with the best ideas, not the biggest bank accounts – have a fair shot at running and winning.

Ranked Choice Voting is a simple change to the way we vote. In most elections today, you pick one candidate. With Ranked Choice Voting, you can rank candidates in the order you prefer them — 1st choice, 2nd choice, 3rd choice, and so on. If your 1st choice can’t win, your vote instantly counts toward your backup choice.

Ranked Choice Voting ballot showing 3 candidates

What is Ranked Choice Voting?

  • RCV is a simple, fair, and easy way to enable more voices and provide more choices for Michigan voters.
  • RCV ensures the winning candidate has majority (More than 50%) support and that similar candidates can’t split the vote or “spoil” the election.
  • Instead of picking just one candidate, RCV allows you to rank any or even all the candidates on your ballot — ensuring EVERY VOTE MATTERS.

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