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| Michael P. Norton | WBUR |

Boston City Council President Ruthzee Louijeune on Monday signaled plans to file a home rule petition and seek a ballot referendum. The councilor plans to introduce the proposal at Wednesday’s City Council meeting. Her office described her “landmark legislation” Monday and said it “seeks to enhance voter engagement, ensure election legitimacy, and foster a more positive political discourse within the city.”

In Suffolk County, which comprises Boston, Chelsea, Revere and Winthrop, nearly 184,000 voters favored the measure, with just over 122,000 voters opposed.

Minimizes strategic voting

According to Louijeune’s petition, the election reform “minimizes strategic voting, as voters can support their preferred candidate without fear that their choice might inadvertently benefit less favored candidates.”

Louijeune is being joined in her effort by original proposal co-sponsors At-Large City Councilors Julia Mejia and Henry Santana.

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