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East Lansing Campaign

Ranked Choice Voting in East Lansing

The citizens of Michigan opened up their democracy by establishing an independent redistricting commission for our State and expanding voting rights.

Now, Rank MI Vote is building upon this momentum by bringing Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) to Michigan. We’ve submitted over 1,000 signatures to appear on this November’s ballot to allow the citizens of East Lansing to choose RCV as their preferred voting method for local elections and are still working on Lansing.

We’re looking for groups to speak to and volunteers to help us get out the vote.

At events and door to door, we need your help! We’re looking to get the word out about the upcoming vote at events and in neighborhoods throughout East Lansing. If you’d like to join us or know of a group we should present to, email us below!

Lansing campaign team

The Heart of Michigan, setting the bar for Ranked Choice!


Keep up to date with the latest RCV news in Michigan, including our efforts to place RCV on ballots through campaigns we’re organizing.


Do you share our passion for RCV? Do you have a couple hours here and there to help? We have a variety of opportunities for contribution.


Order a t-shirt, hat, button, or mask to help spread the word. Plus, a portion of your purchase will automatically be donated to Rank MI Vote!


We’re always extremely grateful for any monetary donations. It helps us create awareness materials, maintain our website, and host events.


Ranked Choice Voting is the one simple change we need to get America back on track.

Join the movement to help make it happen.