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| Jonathon Sharp | ABC4 |

SALT LAKE CITY — The bill aimed at ending Utah’s ranked choice voting pilot program failed to pass the legislature on the second-to-last day of the 2024 session.

The pilot program was initiated in 2018, allowing cities to try ranked choice voting, should they choose. The process has saved some cities money from not having to hold primaries.

The majority of people like it

Kelleen Potter, the executive director of the nonprofit Utah Ranked Choice Voting, told ABC4 that she believes the bill was defeated because Utahns reached out to their senators, telling them they liked ranked choice voting and wanted their cities to have the ability to decide.

“So it was a local control issue,” she said, adding: “Surveys show that the majority of people like it, and I think [the senators] heard that loud and clear from the voters.”

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