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Job Description



Rank MI Vote, a non-partisan grassroots organization founded by Michigan Ranked Choice Voting activists, is looking for up to 20  canvassers to work on the front lines of a transformative campaign to upgrade Michigan’s voting system to ranked choice voting (RCV) and give voters more voice in three cities this November. This team  will work with both RankMiVote local grassroots volunteers and Rank The Vote national partners in support of passing RCV in Kalamazoo, East Lansing and Royal Oak.

The canvasser’s responsibilities will include knocking on doors to persuade voters to support a local municipal ballot question for ranked choice voting. The canvasser will receive scripts and be trained in RCV by Rank MI Vote volunteers. They will work alongside volunteers and their canvassing team members. They may lead canvasses as well.

Location: Royal Oak, MI 

Schedule: 6-10 hrs per week generally, but there is potential opportunity for more. Review this in your interview.

Compensation: Paid hourly starting at $15/hr. Mileage reimbursement up to 14 cents per mile driven.

How to Apply: Send your resume and cover letter to: