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Grand Rapids Campaign

Getting Ranked Choice Voting on the Ballot in GR

We are gathering signatures for a proposed amendment to the Grand Rapids City Charter to provide that the Mayor and City Commission are to be elected by a Ranked Choice Voting method when an RCV election process is certified by the Michigan Bureau of Elections.

Canvassing began in April 2023 and will continue until we reach our goal of 10,000 signatures to ensure RCV appears on the ballot in Grand Rapids.

What we need the most right now is canvassing volunteers.

At events and door to door, we need your help! We also have volunteer needs for signature verification, communications, and organization outreach. Tabling at a few events can be a great way to gather signatures for those with accessibility issues. There is something for everyone in this inclusive and critical effort!

Grand Rapids campaign team

Get involved in Beer City, USA!

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Keep up to date with the latest RCV news in Michigan, including our efforts to place RCV on ballots through campaigns we’re organizing.


Do you share our passion for RCV? Do you have a couple hours here and there to help? We have a variety of opportunities for contribution.


Order a t-shirt, hat, button, or mask to help spread the word. Plus, a portion of your purchase will automatically be donated to Rank MI Vote!


We’re always extremely grateful for any monetary donations. It helps us create awareness materials, maintain our website, and host events.


Ranked Choice Voting is the one simple change we need to get America back on track.

Join the movement to help make it happen.